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Book cover of The Suspect by Rob Rinder

Today’s book review is of Rob Rinder’s new novel, The Suspect. Read on to find out what I thought…

Title: The Suspect
Rob Rinder
Publisher: Century


When Hannah Holby, darling of UK morning TV, dies live on screen in front of millions of viewers, the nation is devastated.More devastated still when it becomes clear that her death was not an accident.The evidence points to one celebrity chef Sebastian Brooks. But junior barrister Adam Green is about to discover that the case is not as open-and-shut as it first seemed.And although Hannah’s angelic persona would suggest otherwise, she was not short of enemies in the glittery TV world . . .Can Adam uncover the truth?

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My review:

The Suspect is an entertaining, fun follow-up to Rob Rinder’s first book featuring junior barrister Adam Green. This time, Adam is helping on a case defending celebrity TV chef Sebastian Brooks who is accused of murdering – live on TV – much-loved presenter Hannah Holby.

There’s plenty of intrigue as Adam tries to uncover what really happened, all whilst he battles the pressures of being a junior barrister. It’s great to be back with Adam and his colleagues, some of whom are likeable (and some really aren’t!)… but all of them are entertaining in their own ways. Adam’s telephone conversations with his mother from The Trial are particularly funny, so I’m glad they’re back again in this novel too!

The mystery kept me wanting to read on but the humour mixed in wth the intrigue was what really kept my attention focused (just like with Rob’s first book, The Trial). I loved all the showbiz glamour of this case and the many stars who seemed suspiciously like certain stars we’ve grown to know and love…!

I’d recommend The Suspect if you fancy something light-hearted, fun and hard to put down! I hugely enjoyed it and finished it in no time! I’m hoping Rob brings out many more…!

My rating: 5/5

Many thanks to Century for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest review.

The Suspect is published in the UK on 20 June – pre-order from Waterstones or


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