The Wrong Sister by Claire Douglas #review

Book cover of The Wrong Sister by Claire Douglas

Title: The Wrong Sister
Claire Douglas
Publisher: Penguin


Tasha has always felt in the shadow of her older sister, Alice. Their lifestyles couldn’t be more different; Alice is married to wealthy entrepreneur Kyle and has a high-flying career, Tasha is married to her childhood sweetheart and lives in a Bristol suburb with their four-year-old twins.

When Alice realises that Tasha is struggling – with money, the kids, losing her identity – she suggests they do a lifeswap for a week. Alice and Kyle will come to stay at Tasha’s terraced house to look after the twins, while Tasha and Harry spend the week in Alice and Kyle’s Venice apartment.

But a few days in, it all goes terribly wrong. Tasha receives a phone call to say Alice is in hospital and Kyle is dead after an intruder broke into their house. They think it must have been a burglary gone wrong.

Until a note arrives through the letterbox saying It was supposed to be you.

Who was there that night, and why?
Is it really Tasha they are targeting?
And can these two sisters find the answers they need, or are they about to stumble upon something more sinister?

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My review:

The Wrong Sister is yet another brilliant release from Claire Douglas. In this novel, Tasha and her husband Aaron are off to stay in her sister Alice’s holiday home in Venice for a short break. Whilst they’re away, Alice and her husband Kyle are attacked.As if that isn’t awful enough, once they’re back home Tasha receives a chilling note telling her ‘it should have been you‘….!

We get inside the heads of both Alice and Tasha in the aftermath of the attack, as well as their mum Jeanette’s, but we mostly stay with Tasha as she grapples with guilt – the attack happened in her house, and perhaps it was even intended for her? – while trying to work out who was behind it all. Shocking family secrets are uncovered along the way!

The twists and surprises keep things intriguing – I love a book that masters misdirection and The Wrong Sister certainly manages that! The ending delivers surprises, while a few threads remain loose, which might not sit well with readers who prefer complete closure (but I liked!). Overall, it’s a fast-paced, gripping, and very entertaining read!

Many thanks to the publisher, Penguin, for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest review.


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