A Guide On How To Be Funny [guest post]

Heat on the Street - Julian Wilkes
Today I have a guest post from author of Heat on the Street, Julian Wilkes! He’s giving us some great tips on ‘how to be funny’ – or not! It’s definitely worth a read! 🙂
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Being funny isn’t easy. People laugh at you and sometimes with, the problem being, as human beings, we don’t always know which is which? Do you have any ideas? Maybe consulting a behavioural psychologist, or just simply laughing with, irrespective of whether they are laughing at you. ‘Ha haaaaa, you’re so funny!!’ I suppose if you take a look in the mirror, they may have a point. It just depends upon which digit they are using (and if the mirror’s being honest, a true reflection eh)……Mothers usually tell their children it’s rude to do that, so motion the notion with your eyes. Of course I’m talking about pointing, how rude are you…Please provide a small amount of etiquette and decorum. Thanks for that, you’re learning integrity comes in all shapes and sizes, but we’re not talking the female anatomy here or phallic symbols all around the World.
When I came into this World, or should I just say, was pushed out through a tight canal in the maternity ward back in 1974, I cried, oooh how I cried. Literally blood, sweat and tears were followed by smiles, happiness, laughter and joy, a big cause for celebration, thankyou Mum and Dad. Roll on several years. I had a fascination with metal, when I knocked my tooth back into my gum after falling off the garden climbing frame….OUCH, that hurt, a mouth reminiscent of a Monster Munch crisp or an enamel challenged O.A.P. not exactly a pretty sight. Over a decade later, the fate would materialise again in Austria on a watersports holiday, but not on a climbing frame. A drunken slovenly request for a kiss, being received with extra purchase. A school friend objected to the request by throwing a stinging right hook to my mouth. I suppose a fist kiss was better than nothing, resulting in me having a cracked tooth. The jewel in the crown, a sovereign ring on her finger. That wasn’t the only disaster….Flying over my bicycle handlebars, running into a brick wall and fracturing my knee, falling off my skateboard and landing headfirst with a bump, a prominent lump in the middle of my forehead, soothed by my nanas finest butter. I walked into a door, what else was I capable of? A successful life as a gymnast or acrobat? I’m not too sure I would be suited to a figure hugging leotard, maybe just hotpants! Playing football was as close as I would get to that experience, the shorts were high and tight in the 70’s and 80’s. Oops, slightly being economical with the truth, my sisters wardroble proved a fruitful cross dressing allure, lipstick on, guy liner and ruby red blusher. Where is that mirror again? Who is the fairest of them all. Maybe a little afro haired boy with dimples and a cheeky smile. Now that’s what I call funny.
Some people try so hard, for others it becomes natural, for others they stand up on stage. ‘Does anybody have a gag?’
‘Bondage isn’t my thing mister, but I am a masochist.’
‘I don’t wanna kiss you sir.’
‘Who mentioned anything about kissing?’
‘You said you Masseur kissed.’
‘I’ll show you later behind closed doors.’
‘There’ll be no need for that, I like things out in the open.’
Funny is something contagious, an infectious smile, a human or animal act or just a special non descript something that engages and brings people together. Maybe even ‘canned laughter’. Take a tin, open it up and let the infectious throat vibrations work wonders, that’s it, a spoon feeding of warm nutritious paletable goodness! In a nutshell, the most important ingredient is not trying to be funny as this can be a recipe for disaster.


Jammin’ Boy is an exotic, vibrant, magnetic and carefree Language Teacher at Oatmill High School. Not a day goes by without elephant sized belly full of laughter, astonishment, excitement and adventure. A truly remarkable, exhilarating and white knuckle roller coaster ride from beginning to end, well worth the entrance fee!

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