A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Here’s a roundup of some of my favourite things from the last few months – lots of books, but also some beauty, fitness – whatever I’ve been loving, basically! I don’t do these posts very often but I LOVE reading other people’s, so I feel like I should post them a bit more regularly.

[BOOK] The Empathy Problem* by Gavin Extence was a great read – emotional but humorous and never cheesy. My review is here.
[BOOK] The Night Stalker* by Robert Bryndza is the second in a series that I really love, and I’m already hugely excited to read book 3! Here’s my review of the first book, The Girl in the Ice, and my review of The Night Stalker.
[BOOK] Again, a second book of a series that’s become one of my favourites: The Killing Files* by Nikki Owen. I loved The Spider in the Corner of the Room (renamed Subject 375) – read my review here – and this novel was just as good! Check out my review of The Killing Files.

[FITNESS] I’ve been going to the gym a lot but at home I find using resistance bands to exercise with really enhance any workout. I have the 50-125 pounds (green) band from Almondcy which is REALLY strong and great for assisting pull ups – though I need a less strong one now, yay! – and this green one from RISING*, which is 15-25 pounds, and ideal for exercises like face pulls etc.

[BOOK] I am really into spiralising things at the moment and love trying out new recipes using spiralised veg. Inspiralized & Inspiralize Everything by Ali Maffucci are just brilliant! I have tried out lots of the recipes and really enjoyed them all so far!
Liquid Lipsticks
[BEAUTY] I have become a little obsessed with buying liquid listicks, and can’t seem to stop! I really wanted to find a cheaper (and actually available) dupe for some of the Kylie Lip Kits, and just wanted some more colours in general. I’ve kind of ended up with 4 different lipsticks that kinda look similar though…oh well! Here we have (from L-R): NYX Lingerie in 03 Lace Detail, Ofra liquid lipstick in Laguna Beach, NYX Liquid Suede in Sandstorm, and LA Splash velvet matte liquid lipstick in Romance (seems to be a pretty good dupe for Kylie Lip Kit in Maliboo – it’s pretty cool-toned).

[SHOP] I swear that the majority of my wages this month have gone on eBay finds! There are just so many cool things to buy on there, and some things are so CHEAP if you don’t mind waiting ages for them to arrive from overseas. Yes, there’s plenty of crap, but I feel like I’ve become a bit better at sifting through the rubbish! Need to stop buying any more bits and pieces I don’t really need though…
NutrientWise Detox Tea
[FOOD] This Detox Tea*, from Nutrient Wise, are very detoxifying and have helped me feel less bloated. There’s a tea for morning and a tea for evening, each with different ingredients in. They have lots of great review on Amazon and they taste really good, too, which is an added bonus!
Cookbooks by The Happy Pear
[BOOK] Continuing my ever-increasing love for cookbooks, these were another winner (again, two recipe books by the same author!): The Happy Pear: Healthy, Easy, Delicious Food to Change Your Life & The World of the Happy Pear, both by David Flynn and Stephen Flynn. These recipes are so tasty, vegan simple recipes that don’t require a million ridiculous ingredients for each meal. I reviewed both of these here.

What have you been loving this month?

Products marked with a * have been received at a discount or for free from publishers or other companies.

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