The Fall by Louise Jensen #review

Book cover of The Fall by Louise Jensen

Title: The Fall
Louise Jensen
Publisher: HQ


She promised she wouldn’t tell. They made sure she couldn’t…

At her surprise 40th birthday party, Kate Granger feels like the luckiest woman in the world but just hours later her fifteen-year-old daughter, Caily, is found unconscious underneath a bridge when she should have been at school.

Now, Caily lies comatose in her hospital bed, and the police don’t believe it was an accident. As the investigation progresses, it soon becomes clear that not everyone in the family was where they claimed to be at the time of her fall.

Caily should be safe in hospital but not everyone wants her to wake up. Someone is desperate to protect the truth and it isn’t just Caily’s life that is in danger.

Because some secrets are worth killing for…

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My review:

The Fall by Louise Jensen is a psychological thriller about a family torn apart by the mysterious fall of their teenage daughter. The book is an easy read and is full of twists and turns, and it will keep you guessing.

The story begins with Kate Granger’s 40th birthday party. She is celebrating with her twin sister Beth, their husbands, and their teenage daughters, Caily and Tegan. Just hours later, Caily is found unconscious underneath a bridge. She is rushed to the hospital, where she falls into a coma. The police investigate Caily’s fall, but they soon realise that it was no accident. Someone pushed her. But who? And why?

I enjoyed reading The Fall. It was fast-paced and mysterious which kept me engrossed. However, I did find some of the dialogue to be a bit cringey, especially near the end. I also felt that the short sentences, while making it easy to read, also made the book feel more dramatic – sometimes unnecessarily so. This irritated me a little at times.

The book started off as quite a slow burn but the pace soon built up. There were plenty of secrets lurking within the two families and, as we slowly started to unpick what really happened, there were some shocking relvelations that I didn’t see coming!

Overall, I would recommend The Fall to fans of psychological thrillers. I haven’t read any other books by Louise Jensen but I would like to give them a go.

My rating: 3.5/5

Many thanks to the publisher, HQ, for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest review.



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