Goodreads Reading Challenge 2020: update

It’s almost half way through the year, so here’s an update on how my reading challenge is going…

I originally thought I would set it at a similar goal to last year – 120 books, or thereabouts – but lots happened at the end of last year which meant I wasn’t reading anywhere near as much as usual. So I decided to be a bit more conservative and set it to 70.

For January and February, it looked like that was going to be a struggle….

But then lockdown hit and with it came a LOT more free time… and now my reading is back on track! So I’ve upped my target to 80.

Goodreads Reading Challenge goal: Read 80 books in 2020

Books I’ve read so far: 45 (8 books ahead of schedule)56% complete

What books have you been reading? Have you set yourself a reading challenge, and if so, how many books are you aiming to read this year?



  1. Well done on the challenge. You are one of the few people I’ve come across that says the Covid-19 crisis has led them to read more books than normal. Most people say they are reading less….

    • I was originally reading way less! But now I seem to have increased – I guess I don’t have any dependents to look after so am lucky in that way, seeing less friends so more time to read! Thank you ????

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