Vegan Yack Attack on the Go! [review]

Vegan Yack Attack on the Go

Title: Vegan Yack Attack on the Go!
Author: Jackie Sobon
Publisher: Fair Winds Press


Plant-based recipes that fit your busy lifestyle!

If you’re a vegan and frequently on the go, it can be hard to eat well while still maintaining your plant-based lifestyle. You need options you can make in advancetake with you, or prepare quickly and easily once you get home.

Vegan Yack Attack on the Go! has all of these scenarios covered and more. It’s the cookbook you’ll use over and over again, with recipes developed for real life. Author Jackie Sobon, the plant-based rockstar behind the blog Vegan Yack Attack, will be your guide, offering beautifully photographed recipes you not only want to eat, but can whip up in any slice of time you can carve out, whether it’s at night, in the morning, or on a lazy Sunday.

Packed with everything from car breakfasts and work lunches, to airplane snacks and potluck fare, you’ll feel confident knowing you can go anywhere, do anything, and still eat delicious food.

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Now this is a useful and inspiring book for vegan breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks that you can take with you ‘on the go’, whether you’re off to school, work, camping, or elsewhere. Instead of just focussing on boring vegan food that no one with any tastebuds would want to eat – as CAN be the case with vegan cookbooks (though increasingly less so these days), this cookbook manages to be engaging and offer recipes that look like they’d be bursting with flavour – and the ones I’ve tried so far certainly prove this.

My favourites so far have been the quiche bites, baked balsamic tofu, and the lentil balls, but they are just out of the recipes I’ve tried so far – there are so many more that I’m excited about!

I really like the design of this cookbook – it’s simple, fresh and easy to follow. I LOVE that the vast majority of recipes have an accompanying photo, so you know what it’s supposed to look like when it’s done (and don’t most people pick what to eat with their eyes instead of what’s actually IN the recipe?!) This book doesn’t just reinvent the basics that are often offered up to vegans (oatmeal fifty-thousand different ways, I’m looking at you – not an issue in this book!) but creates some truly appetising, different recipes that aren’t ridiculously tricky. Sure, there are more complicated recipes here, but nothing that makes me think “that’s not worth it” – so I’m really pleased with this and will certainly be picking up future books by Jackie Sobon. She knows her stuff!

Recommended for vegans, vegetarians or people who just want inspiration for meat-free meals.

[Rating: 5/5]

Many thanks to Fair Winds Press for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.



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