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500 ketogenic recipes

Title: 500 Ketogenic Recipes 
Author: Dana Carpender
Publisher: Fair Winds Press


At last, a comprehensive cookbook to the hottest eating plan around! 500 Ketogenic Recipes is the ultimate starter guide to getting healthy, building muscle, and managing blood sugar.
The ketogenic diet emphasizes high ratios of healthy fats, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate intake. While the ketogenic diet isn’t new — there is newly emerging research that the ketogenic lifestyle may help reverse illness, promote longevity, and be the best diet for losing weight. Millions of people are transitioning to a ketogenic diet to look and feel their best.
However, doing the ketogenic lifestyle the right way isn’t always easy. How do you keep your macronutrients properly balanced? Which foods are keto-friendly and which aren’t? 500 Ketogenic Recipes is here with the answers.
Low-carb queen and bestselling author Dana Carpender shows how to live the ketogenic lifestyle deliciously with 500 easy-to-prepare recipes for everything from snacks and appetizers, to main dishes, to drinks and dessert. 500 Ketogenic Recipesmakes staying in the ketogenic zone simple with hundreds of recipes, pantry and shopping lists, and ketogenic do’s and don’t’s.

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[My Review]

Firstly, full disclosure: I’ve wondered about going keto for my diet for a long time, but as I cook food together with my partner who is vegetarian (well, pescetarian), the food choices feel like they’d be so so restricted that I don’t think we’d manage it. If I was cooking just for myself, as a meat-eater, then no problem, but together… probably not. However, I do try to eat fairly low-carb most of the time, so wanted to use this as inspiration for super-low-carb recipes and to learn a bit more about the keto diet. This ticked both boxes beautifully!
I love the ideas for lowering carbs in meals, especially the items they use to replace them in recipes – it is very inspirational, and much of the recipes you can take and tweak slightly. There are recipe ideas for snacks/ finger food, baked goods, side dishes, dishes with a variety of meats and fish in, soups, desserts… the list goes on! So much choice and so many fab ideas, I love this cookbook!
one thing I will say, which links to my first paragraph, is that – understandably with a keto diet – a lot of the recipes involve meat (particularly pork rinds which must be a great low-carb replacement for breadcrumbs), so if you don’t eat meat then you’ll find your choices in this book very limited. However, I am saving most of these for when I’m cooking for myself, and planning to make some of the fish dishes (if you eat fish then you’ll probably be really impressed at the choice of dishes, as there are plenty of fish dishes and they all look SO tasty!). Quite a lot of recipes include shirataki noodles or miracle rice, which are low carb, low calorie replacements for noodles/ pasta/ rice, so you’d have to check you actually like them – I am going to try them in some meals myself as it could be a revelation! The only thing I will say is there aren’t really any photos, so if you’re someone who needs to see how the finished dish will look, you might be a bit disappointed.
I’m really looking forward to trying out a lot of the recipes, particularly Trout with Saffron (will probably replace trout with a different fish I’ve got in the freezer though), sweet and smoky salmon, angel hair with shrimp, fish in coconut child sauce, sweet and salty almond crust, crisp chocolate crust…. ahh the options are endless!
I’d 100% recommend this for anyone thinking of doing a keto diet, or loosing for ultra low-carb recipes. Very thorough and with plenty of inspiration, you’ll have lots of great ideas for keto-friendly dishes.

[Rating: 4/5]

Many thanks to Fair Winds Press for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.




  1. Thanks!! So glad you like it. Sorry about no photos, but they’d skyrocket the price of the book, both the taking of the photos and the glossy paper they’d have to be printed on.

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