Best Day Ever [review]

Best Day Ever - Kaira Rouda

Title: Best Day Ever
Author: Kaira Rouda
Publisher: HQ


A loving husband. The perfect killer?

‘I wonder if Mia thinks I have a dark side. Most likely as far as she knows, I am just her dear loving husband.’

Paul Strom has spent years building his perfect life: glittering career, beautiful wife, two healthy boys and a big house in the suburbs.

But he also has his secrets. That’s why Paul has promised his wife a romantic weekend getaway. He proclaims this day, a warm Friday in May, will be the best day ever.

Paul loves his wife, really, he does. But he also wants to get rid of her. And with every hour that passes, Paul ticks off another stage in his elaborately laid plan…

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[My Review]

I hugely enjoyed Best Day Ever, so much that I read it in a few hours (despite having lots of other things I needed to get on with that day!). I just wanted to keep reading on to find out exactly what was going on, and the characters – some likable, some really not, drew me right into their story! This is a fairly slow burner of a novel, but there’s nothing wrong with a slower build up, and this is definitely a novel that I found myself sucked into more and more.

From the very beginning you can tell that Paul Strom is not a nice man; at first I thought he seemed like a bit of an idiot really, but as I read on I realised things were getting quite dark. I was rooting so much for his wife to realise what was happening!

I don’t want to give too much away but Best Day Ever is full of tension and uncertainty, for both characters, and it has its fair share of twists and turns. Not everything is as you’d expect, and though I picked up on some things happening, others took me by surprise and I loved that about it.

I found Best Day Ever really absorbing and, though it starts quite slowly, Kaira Rouda effectively draws you in, bit by bit, until you find you can’t (and don’t want to!) get out! Highly recommended.

[Rating: 4.5/5]

Many thanks to HQ and Netgalley for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.



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