A Few Of My Favourite Things… [October]

So here’s another post showcasing some of my favourite things – some bookish, some not!

‘Have It, Haven’t Read It Yet’ Tote Bag

Girl is holding blank cotton eco bag, design mockup.Love the design of these cool bags! If you fancy getting your hands on one, or buying for a gift or Christmas present, you need to do so before 29 October as these are sort of crowd funding to be made. So if the minimum number is pre-sold, they’ll be made, otherwise they won’t! 🙁 They’re only £10 (£8 for the bag, £2 for P&P) so are a real bargain!

Find out more about the bags here.

The Doll House Phoebe Morgan

The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan

I hugely enjoyed this book, and feel like it definitely deserves a place in my favourites list! I mean, I’ve been lucky enough to read lots of great novels recently, but the fact that The Doll House is the first release from Phoebe Morgan really surprised me; it’s a brilliant debut which ticked all the boxes of a psychological thriller for me. Give it a go – and here’s my review if you fancy reading more about it!

LookFantastic Advent Calendar 2017

LF calendar

I wanted to get this last year and saw so many rave reviews but unfortunately I didn’t pre-order and then it sold out really quickly. This year I had a gift voucher for the site that I couyld put towards it, so I didn’t hesitate in pre-ordering the calendar and it arrived the other day! Exciting…

Great books for the rest of 2017…

I recently published a post with some of the books (10 in total) that I’m most excited about reading over the next few months. Some are released in the second half of 2017, some have already been published but I haven’t yet read them yet, so here’s the post if you fancy checking it out!

How to Instant Pot – Daniel Shumski

How to instant pot - Daniel Shumski

I’m a big fan of my Instant Pot (a brand of pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yoghurt maker and more, all in one!), but find I need some good inspiration to think to use it regularly, and not just for perfect rice (which it also does, easily!). This is definitely my favourite Instant Pot recipe book – it’s got some great ideas, not just for meat eaters, and is really well designed. If you have an instant pot or any type of pressure cooker then why not give it a go?! Here’s my review.




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