Our Little Secret [review]

Our Little Secret

Title: Our Little Secret
Author: Darren O’Sullivan
Publisher: HarperCollins UK


A deserted train station: A man waits. A woman watches.
Chris is ready to join his wife. He’s planned this moment for nearly a year. The date. The time. The train. But he hadn’t factored in Sarah.
So when Sarah walks on to the platform and sees a man swaying at the edge she assumes he’s just had too much to drink. What she doesn’t expect is to stop a suicide. As Sarah becomes obsessed with discovering the secrets that Chris is clearly hiding, he becomes obsessed with stopping her, protecting her.
But there are some secrets that are meant to stay buried forever…

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[My Review]

Our Little Secret’s premise is what drew me to this book as it sounded rather intriguing, and the novel is definitely an interesting read.
I enjoyed that fact that it has the elements of a thriller mixed in with a more character-driven narrative. Part of the story is set in Peterborough, which I always find interesting to read novels about (I’m originally from Peterborough) and so I recognised a lot of the places featured.
The writing itself isn’t what I’d call amazing; it’s engaging enough and an easy read but the writing style didn’t strike me as anything special. That said, the story itself is an easy read and it touches upon some important issues in a sensitive and interesting way.
I have to say that I worked out part the twist from quite near the beginning of the story, which barely ever happens, but I still quite enjoyed it – it was a good twist – and I would read other novels by Darren O’Sullivan in the future.

[Rating: 3/5]

Many thanks to HarperCollins UK for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.



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