Sweetpea [review]

Sweetpea - C.J. Skuse

Title: Sweetpea
Author: C J Skuse
Publisher: HQ


“The last person who called me ‘Sweetpea’ ended up dead…
I haven’t killed anyone for three years and I thought that when it happened again I’d feel bad. Like an alcoholic taking a sip of whisky. But no. Nothing. I had a blissful night’s sleep. Didn’t wake up at all. And for once, no bad dream either. This morning I feel balanced. Almost sane, for once.”

Rhiannon is your average girl next door, settled with her boyfriend and little dog…but she’s got a killer secret.
Although her childhood was haunted by a famous crime, Rhinannon’s life is normal now that her celebrity has dwindled. By day her job as an editorial assistant is demeaning and unsatisfying. By evening she dutifully listens to her friend’s plans for marriage and babies whilst secretly making a list.
A kill list.
From the man on the Lidl checkout who always mishandles her apples, to the driver who cuts her off on her way to work, to the people who have got it coming, Rhiannon’s ready to get her revenge.
Because the girl everyone overlooks might be able to get away with murder…

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[My Review]

Sweetpea is an odd but brilliant mix of humour, darkness and general fun! I listened to it on audiobook, which I don’t usually do, but found I enjoyed every minute and it made me want to enjoy more books in this format. Anyway, back to the story itself…
Sweetpea is shocking, un-PC and could be a little bit offensive at times, but the narrator, Rhiannon, is so flippant and freshly honest (in her descriptions, anyway – not to people’s faces!), and really amuses me! She has a real ‘don’t care’ attitude, in part due to the fact that she’s obviously a psychopath but doesn’t realise it herself!
Her relationship with her cheating boyfriend Craig, her annoying friends, and her work colleagues are so entertaining to read about, and I know that I shouldn’t applaud anyone for being a serial killer… but I really like Rhiannon, I can’t help it! I love her lists of people she hates, I love her comments on annoying things other people do (some of which I have to say I’ve noticed myself), and I love her confidence. She’s harmed a lot of people over the years and she’s a massive bitch herself, but you kind of feel they deserved it… sort of (uh oh, what does that make me…?). Regardless of what she’s done, she made me laugh, and for that I have a real fondness for her.
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this book and would recommend it to anyone (who’s not easily offended, that is!). It’s fun, fresh, and a little bit cheeky…

[Rating: 4/5]



  1. I’ve had this book on my radar for a while now, so it’s good to hear you enjoyed it! Great review; Rhiannon sounds like a very colorful character.

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