The Loving Husband [review]

The Loving Husband - Christobel Kent

Title: The Loving Husband
Author: Christobel Kent
Publisher: Sphere


Fran Hall and her husband Nathan have moved with their two children to a farmhouse on the edge of the Fens – a chance to get away from London and have a fresh start. But when Fran wakes one night to find Nathan gone, she makes a devastating discovery. As questions about her husband and her relationships start to mount, Fran’s life begins to spiral out of control. What is she hiding from the police about her marriage, and does she really know the man she shared her bed with?

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[My Review]

I have to say that although I’m usually a fan of ‘domestic noir’, which this book fits into, this story fell flat for me. However I still thought it was an entertaining read.
The main protagonist Fran was irritating and unlikable. Now, it doesn’t automatically mean I’m going to dislike the book because of this, but the rest of the story wasn’t enough of a hook to make me care what happened, and I struggled to really care about any of the characters.
The writing style was a little confusing. I usually love storylines that flick back and forwards between past and present, but this book presented these different timescales in such a way that I got really confused about where on earth I was. Perhaps if they’d been a bit more clearly marked it would have helped me enjoy the novel more, but as it was it was a little bewildering and meant I had to keep re-reading sections to figure them out.
I did, however, enjoy the way the story kept releasing hints about what had happened. There was an air of mystery and suspense which I appreciated, and which kept me reading on as I wanted to know more, though sometimes it was a little obvious.
The ending was satisfying enough – not disappointing but didn’t blow me away. I would still read The Crooked House by Christobel Kent, though, to compare. This isn’t a bad book, it’s just not – in my opinion – anything exciting or hugely different.

[Rating: 2/5]

Many thanks to the publisher, Sphere, for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.

Have you read The Loving Husband, and if so what did you think?


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