The Happy Pear & The World Of The Happy Pear [review]

Cookbooks by The Happy Pear

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I seriously LOVE these cookbooks! I’ve watched The Happy Pear’s Youtube videos for a while now and was always really impressed with their recipes (especially the 5 minute recipes, so impressive!) so decided to take the plunge and order not on but both of their recipe books – and boy, I’m glad I did!
Both The Happy Pear and The World of the Happy Pear are packed full of brilliant, creative recipes that are easy to follow and don’t require a ridiculous amount of bizarre / really expensive ingredients. They have lovely photos to accompany a lot of the recipes as well as information about healthy eating and lifestyles. As both David and Stephen are vegan, you know it’s a great book for vegetarians and vegans, but most recipes can be easily adapted to include meat if that’s your bag!
The mains and desserts are my favourite sections in both books; if I’m ever at a loss of what to cook for dinner I turn straight to either of these books as I know I’ll find something fairly easy to follow – so even if I’m exhausted after work, I can still eat healthy and delicious food! And the desserts…for anyone with a sweet tooth or even if you’re more of a savoury girl (like me!), you’ll be salivating at some of these desserts. Absolutely delicious and super easy to follow!
Definitely recommended if you’re after a brilliant, inspiring cookbook that’ll suit any occasion – whether you fancy cooking up a storm or something a little simpler!

[My Rating for both: 5/5]


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