Letting You Go by Anoushka Knight

Letting You Go by Anoushka KnightSynopsis:

What if a tragedy occurred and you only had yourself to blame? How do you move on from the past?
Alex Foster lives a quiet life, avoiding the home she hasn’t visited in eight years. Then her sister Jaime calls. Their mother is sick, and Alex must return. Suddenly she’s plunged back into the past she’s been trying to escape.
Returning to her hometown, memories of the tragic accident that has haunted her and her family are impossible to ignore. Alex still blames herself for what happened to her brother and it’s soon clear that her father holds her responsible too. As Alex struggles to cope, can she ever escape the ghosts of the past?

Letting You Go

Letting You Go by Anoushka Knight is an enjoyable, easy read which starts off quite slow but gains a bit of momentum as the book continues.
The characters are quite well developed and interesting, though I struggled to emphathise with Alex- she got on my nerves quite a lot. I felt like she treated Finn pretty badly, and although she recognised this too she didn’t seem to change her behaviour until right at the end. Then again, she did have a lot to deal with. The topics covered in the novel are quite emotional at times; at one point towards the end I did tear up a bit and I warmed more to Alex as the story continued.
I found the writing a little cheesy at times, but quite enjoyed the turns and twists that the author threw in, some of which I saw coming a mile off and others that I definitely didn’t predict. I enjoy stories that keep you guessing and this one did, which added a bit more interest to the novel.
I haven’t read anything by Anoushka Knight before but would give some of her other novels a go in the future, and feel they would be perfect for someone wanting a nice easy read – in my opinion nothing too ground breaking, but it does make you think.
Rating: 3/5
Letting You Go is released in the UK on September 10th.
** Many thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC of this novel in return for an honest review **

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