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The Valley of Adventure - Enid BlytonDo you remember how you developed a love for reading?
My mum is a big reader and encouraged me to read. We’d go to the library for books and I’d always get out as many as possible on my card! The very first books that made me fall in love with reading were Enid Blyton’s ‘adventure’ stories, eg The Valley of Adventure, The Island of Adventure… and I then went on to read many of her other series and never looked back!
Where do you usually read?
In bed a lot or on the sofa if Tom’s got a film/ TV programme on that I don’t want to watch. The fact that I walk into work instead of getting public transport cuts down my reading time each day by a considerable amount but I usually manage to squeeze at least a little reading in!
Do you prefer to read one book at a time or several at once?
Well I prefer to just have one great book that I’m really absorbed in, but I sometimes have a few on the go. I do prefer to focus on one though, which I can then write a review on for the blog.
What is your favourite genre?
I always get into a Crime/ Detective/ Thriller novel if it’s written well, as well as some historical fiction and then just fiction in general! Plus depending on my mood I quiteThe Ice Cream Girls book cover like the occasional ‘chick-lit’- though I hate that term!
Is there a genre you will not read?
Not really, if I think the story sounds good enough I’ll give it a go!
Do you have a favourite book?
There’s been so many books I’ve absolutely loved! Off the top of my head some of my faves are Us by David Nicholls, The Rosie Project & The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion, Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, The Ice Cream Girl by Dorothy Koomson and The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Phew, quite a few there- and there’ll be so many others I’ve forgotten to mention of course!
What is your least favourite book?
Well books I didn’t enjoy don’t tend to stick in my mind as much as those I did. I do tend to read books I think I’ll enjoy (as most people do, I’m sure!) but I was really disappointed with Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James – I had SUCH high hopes for it but I just got bored and abandoned it, something which I never usually do. Maybe I’ll give it another go soon…
The GoldfinchWhat is the longest book you have ever read?
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt was a pretty big 771 pages. I might have read longer but can’t think of any others at this moment! πŸ™‚
What was the last book you bought?
I mostly tend to borrow from the library (I’m a strong believer in trying to keep our libraries open!) or get a lot of advance copies free from NetGalley for review. However I did buy Us b David Nicholls for book group recently as it was in hardback and it’s such a nicely designed book!
Do you prefer library books or buying books?
I have borrowed booked from libraries way more than bought any recently.
The Marriage PlotWhat are you currently reading?
Technically The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides but it’s been accidentally packed away in a box for the next few weeks until we move (we’ve just bought a house that we’re in the process of doing up a bit before we move in so we’re in that horrible half-way point of having a lot of bits packed and out the way!) Will find something else to read though!
Where do you buy your books?
If I want it nice and new then Amazon but also local independent book stores if they’re not crazily more expensive, or charity shops.
Do you ever pre-order books?
No, I tend to get advance copies from NetGalley and that keeps me going.
How many books do you buy a month?
Not many, as mentioned above I get quite a few free. But if I really fancy a book or its for book club and not available in the library then maybe 1 or 2 a month.
How do you feel about second hand charity shop books?The Rosie Effect
For me nothing beats a lovely new book, the smell and feel of it is great! But if I see a bargain in a charity shop then I’ll happily buy from there.
Do you keep your read and to-be-read books together?
Yes, until we’re in the new house they’re all in a jumbled pile (now in a box) together, but hoping to have a clear out/ organise when we’ve moved.
Do you plan to read all the books you own?
I mean to, but when I get books to review they usually jump to the top of the queue.
What do you do with books you own that you know won’t be re-read?
Charity shop usually.
Have you ever donated books?20140730-211936-76776950.jpg
Of course πŸ™‚ it all helps for a good cause!
Have you ever been on a book buying ban?
I don’t really buy that many but if I have loads piling up to read I’ll ban myself from buying or borrowing any more.
Do you think you own too many books?
Not loads because any I won’t re-read I give to a charity shop or to my mum/ friends. I don’t re- read books that often actually because it just feels like there’s so many books out there on my ‘to read’ list that there just isn’t the to re-read books I’ve already read, even if they were brilliant!

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