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Book cover of The Switch by Lily Samson

Today’s book review is of Lily Samson’s debut novel, The Switch! Read on to find out what I thought…

Title: The Switch
Lily Samson
Publisher: Century



Elena and Adam are housesitting in Wimbledon and are instantly seduced by their new upscale surroundings.

Sophia and Finn are their beautiful, enigmatic neighbours who invite them into their world.


When Sophia proposes a wicked game to Elena whereby they will swap partners in secret, it’s not long before Elena starts to experience a sexual awakening that blossoms into an illicit love affair.

But Sophia’s plans are far more complex and dangerous than Elena could ever have imagined…


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My review:

This was one bizarre and ridiculous but also entertaining novel!

In The Switch, we follow two couples – Elena and Adam, who are looking after Adam’s aunt’s flat in Wimbledon whilst she’s away, and Sophia and Finn, an elusive, rich couple who live nearby. Elena and Sophia meet one day and from then on, the two women become close – and Elena realises she is becoming increasingly attracted to Finn. One day, Sophia suggests they swap places in the night to sleep with each other’s husbands – much like the Roald Dahl short story…

What I loved about this novel was that it was, in many ways, absolutely batsh*t crazy and unbelievable – as if their partners wouldn’t notice they weren’t sleeping with the right person, plus plenty of other ‘would that really happen’ moments… and let’s not even try to delve into the consent implications – but it was great fun to read if you just suspend all your disbelief! Men definitely don’t come off too well in this novel but I think it needs to be judged purely for entertainment purposes.

The Switch starts with a focus on Elena and her feelings towards both Sophia and Finn, as well as the difficulties in her relationship with Adam, but we then switch to Sophia as we learn she has her own, much darker, reasons for wanting to switch partners for the night. I liked this element of mystery, and getting inside Sophia’s head to some extent whilst Elena remained blissfully ignorant. The novel then switches between various perspectives as the novel continues.

The second half of the book takes a more action-packed ‘thriller’ turn and things get pretty ridiculous, particularly as we find out more about Sophia and Finn’s relationship. But if you are happy to strap yourself in for the ride and not question it all too much, you’ll probably enjoy the twists and turns.

My rating: 3/5

Many thanks to the publisher, Century, for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest review.


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