The Long and Winding Road by Lesley Pearse #review

Book review of The Long and Winding Road by Lesley Pearse

Title: The Long and Winding Road
Lesley Pearse
Publisher: Michael Joseph


One of the world’s bestselling storytellers, Lesley Pearse writes brilliantly about survivors. Why? Because she is one herself…

Born during the Second World War, Lesley’s innocence came to an abrupt end when a neighbour found her, aged 3, coatless in the snow. The mother she’d been unable to wake had been dead for days. Sent to an orphanage, Lesley soon learned adults couldn’t always be trusted.

As a teenager in the swinging sixties, she took herself to London. Here, the second great tragedy of her life occurred. Falling pregnant, she was sent to a mother and baby home, and watched helplessly as her newborn was taken from her.But like so many of her generation, Lesley had to carry on. She was, after all, a true survivor.

Marriage and children followed – and all the while she nurtured a to be a writer. Yet it wasn’t until at the age of 48 that her stories – of women struggling in a difficult world – found a publisher, and the bestseller lists beckoned.As heartbreaking as it is heartwarming, Lesley’s story really is A Long and Winding Road with surprises and uplifting hope around every corner…

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My review:

I’d never in a million years have guessed that author Lesley Pearse had lived such a wild, eventful, crazy life as is laid out in these pages!

From a difficult childhood, a teenage pregnancy, struggles to make ends meet, partying in 1960s London, and partners that often fell short of expectations, Lesley takes us through her life – and what a life!

There are some upsetting parts, plenty of emotional parts, and just SO much to pack into this memoir! The writing style flows well and it’s very easy to read; I feel like Lesley told her story with honesty and frankness, and it really demonstrates how you should never give up, even when times are difficult, because things can get so much better. It’s not all struggle though – there are some really uplifting parts where Lesley’s enthusiasm and zest for life shine through.

The Long and Winding Road really is the story of a true survivor. But it’s also more than that – it’s an empowering message about perseverance, reminding us that even the most challenging paths can lead to incredible destinations.

My rating: 4/5

Many thanks to ED Public Relations for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest review.


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