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Book cover of The Dive by Sarah Ochs

Title: The Dive
Sara Ochs
Publisher: Transworld Books


Breathe normally if something goes wrong.
Scuba diving instructor Cass leads her students out for their first dive off the beautiful coast of Koh Sang, Thailand’s world-famous party island. It’s supposed to be a life-changing experience, but things quickly spiral out of control…

Always dive with someone you trust.
By the time she gets back to the shore, one of her students is dead, another critically injured, and she knows that her idyllic life is about to be smashed to pieces on the rocks.

Don’t panic if your oxygen is running out.
Someone has discovered Cass’s secret, and on an island as remote as this, accidents happen. Plenty of backpackers choose to stay here forever – but some never make it home alive…

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My review:

A fast-paced, fun novel about a small island off the coast of Thailand, away from the main tourist areas, where everyone seems to have something to hide…

Firstly, this book’s name suggests it will be heavily centred around diving. Though this does feature, the book is more about the diving school’s staff, pupils and the people around the island and their reactions as yet another tragedy takes place.

The story is told from Cass and Brooke’s points of view. Both are intriguing in their own ways, and the fact we see inside their heads shows us that all is not as it seems. We soon realise that Cass, one of the diving instructors, has a history she’s desperately trying to hide from her new friends and fiance whilst her new best friend (for all of 2 weeks!) Brooke, who is Instagram-famous, has her own secrets too… but who can we trust?

The setting is beautiful – it takes me back to my trip to Thailand – but Sara Ochs manages to infuse a real sense of danger into the scenic setting. There are plenty of twists and the plot moves along quickly, keeping me engaged with the story.

The Dive is a fun, absorbing thriller which I really enjoyed reading.

My rating: 4/5

Many thanks to the publisher, Transworld Books, for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest review.


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