Just Another Liar by Mandy Byatt #review

Book cover of Just Another Liar by Mandy Byatt

Title: Just Another Liar
Author: Mandy Byatt
Publisher: Avon Books


He says he loves you. He says you’re the only one. He’s just another liar…

Three women love him. But he’s lying to them all.

Denise, Petra, and Anna all have their reasons for being alone.
But they’re not ready to share them.
David is the answer to all their problems.
But they’ve only met him online.
Each woman wants her happy ending.
But only one of them can get it.
One of these women will end up dead.
But which one? And will you ever work out who killed them?

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My review:

What would you do if you had been royally screwed over by someone and then a seemingly perfect man came along (virtually) and promised you the world? I’d like to think alarm bells would ring when I thought about the fact that they’d never actually met up with me in person, and kept coming up with excuses to cancel last minute on dates. Really, I’d hope I wouldn’t fall for someone I’d never met in the first place – but who knows how we’d react if this did happen to us at a fragile time in our lives! This is the tricky situation three women – Denise, Anna and Petra – find themselves in. All three have been taken in by ‘David’, a doctor who seems too good to be true…

This book is an easy, entertaining read – a fun, enjoyable book to lose yourself in. I liked the characterisation – not everyone was likeable necessarily, but they all felt interesting to read about, and although I wanted to scream at most of them to STOP BEING SO STUPID, it was a fun ride! It makes you think about how someone seemingly switched on can get taken in by the promise of something which then fails to deliver.

It’s not an action-packed book as such, but plenty happens and I liked the multiple points of view we switch between throughout the novel – that’s something that always appeals to me in a book. You need to suspend your disbelief for a fair bit of it, but it’s very readable and I really enjoyed it!

My rating: 4/5

Many thanks to the publisher, Avon Books, for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest review.

just another liar is published in the UK on 20 January 2022.


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