A Line To Kill by Anthony Horowitz #review

Book cover of A Line To Kill by Anthony Horowitz

Title: A Line To Kill
Series: Hawthorne and Horowitz Mystery #3
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Publisher: Century


When Ex-Detective Inspector Daniel Hawthorne and his sidekick, author Anthony Horowitz, are invited to an exclusive literary festival on Alderney, an idyllic island off the south coast of England, they don’t expect to find themselves in the middle of murder investigation—or to be trapped with a cold-blooded killer in a remote place with a murky, haunted past.

Arriving on Alderney, Hawthorne and Horowitz soon meet the festival’s other guests—an eccentric gathering that includes a bestselling children’s author, a French poet, a TV chef turned cookbook author, a blind psychic, and a war historian—along with a group of ornery locals embroiled in an escalating feud over a disruptive power line.

When a local grandee is found dead under mysterious circumstances, Hawthorne and Horowitz become embroiled in the case. The island is locked down, no one is allowed on or off, and it soon becomes horribly clear that a murderer lurks in their midst. But who?

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My review:

A Line To Kill is another brilliant addition to the series featuring Hawthorne, in which Horowitz himself recounts his (fictional) experiences writing about the Detective’s cases. This book sets place largely on the Channel island of Alderney, where Horowitz and Hawthorne are visiting for a literary festival to promote their upcoming series.

Whilst both are on the island, along with various other authors visiting for the new literary festival, a wealthy resident is murdered after a party at his mansion. As always, I was easily drawn into this fun ‘whodunnit’ mystery and the characters are as brilliant and engaging as always. I enjoyed finding out more about them. Hawthorne is as mysterious and infuriating to Horowitz as ever, with lots of comical interactions between them which I always enjoy. Their relationship is hard to sum up. It’s certainly not friendship, but Horowitz has a grudging respect for Hawthorne, and Hawthorne… well, who knows what he thinks about Horowitz. Hawthorne plays his cards very close to his chest!

With some surprises and red herrings along the way, A Line To Kill is a great read – perfect for curling up with inside on a cold evening! I always look forward to new releases in this series and this one certainly did not disappoint!

rating: 4.5/5

Thanks to the publisher, Century, for providing a copy of this novel on which I wrote an honest review.


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