The Lucky Escape by Laura Jane Williams #review

Title: The Lucky Escape
Author: Laura Jane Williams
Publisher: Avon Books UK



When the day finally comes for Annie to marry Alexander, the last thing she expects is to be left standing at the altar. She was so sure he was Mr Right. Now, she has no idea how she could have got it so wrong.

After a chance meeting with Paddy, an old friend who reminds her of who she used to be, Annie takes a vow of her own: she’ll say yes to every opportunity that comes her way from now on.


Could a spontaneous trip with Paddy be the way to mend Annie’s heart? She’s about to find out as she embarks on her honeymoon – with a man who’s not her husband… 

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my review:

The Lucky Escape is a fun, sweet read about Annie, who gets dumped at the altar (well, just before she sets foot in the church) by her fiance Alex. He doesn’t even tell her himself – he gets their wedding planner to break the bad news! When Alex’s parents suggest she still goes on the honeymoon they’d brought for them, Annie decides to go with childhood friend Paddy who she’s recently bumped back into and reconnected with. However, as you’ve probably guessed, sparks start to fly…

A lot of this story is quite predictable – I think that’s sort of a given with this genre. However, Annie is a fun, likeable character and I enjoyed reading about her adventures with Paddy. There’s a lot of tension building with Paddy even though it’s obvious they both really fancy each other, and it takes a while for that to really come to a head, but the story remains entertaining. The characters throughout the story are relatable and I particularly enjoyed reading about their ‘honeymoon’. Once they get back to England, you definitely get that ‘back to reality with a bump’ feeling along with Annie and Paddy as the story starts to focus on how their relationship can manage in the real world. There are bumps along the way but Paddy is (on the whole) such a sweet, caring guy that I was rooting for them to make it work.

Overall I enjoyed this sweet read. I don’t read a lot of books like this as I often find them a bit too cheesy but The Lucky Escape struck the right balance.

Rating: 3.5/5

Many thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.



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