So many cinema trips with @CurzonCinemas! #Cult

Riders of Justice

This is a different kind of post for me. Obviously, I love books but I also absolutely love going to the cinema!

About 6 weeks ago I finally did something that I’d want to for ages – I used the money I’ve saved by not going on holiday (and from 16 months of lockdown) and got myself a Curzon Cult membership!

I’d wanted to for years but the introduction of a more affordable membership, where you get 5 credits every week to use either in their cinemas or online or on Curzon Home Cinema, made me take the plunge – that and the fact that my boyfriend agreeing to do the same. I love a solo cinema trip but it’s nice to have someone to discuss the films with after! I’d been a Classic member before but wanted a membership that meant I could go and see loads of films, after I’d used my initial free tickets.

My Cult membership has meant I’ve got to see loads of brilliant arthouse and indie films, many of which you can’t see at many other cinema chains, with a few blockbusters thrown in too! And for those days when I don’t feel like travelling to the cinema I can rent a film online!

So, here’s what I’ve watched so far…

It’s a fairly long list considering I’ve only been a member 6 weeks or so – and I haven’t been using anywhere near my maximum 5 credits a week!

Oh yes, and I have absolutely zero connection to Curzon other than I love their cinemas 🙂

Watched in cinemas

After Love


Another Round

Black Widow

Still from the film The Father
The Father

The Father

In the Earth


Rare Beasts

Still from the film Rare Beasts
Rare Beasts



The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Truffle Hunters

Watched on Curzon Home Cinema

Black Bear


The Killing of Two Lovers


Still from the film Minari

My Donkey, My Lover & I

My New York Year


Films I’m excited to watch in the next few months



Still from the film Deerskin


Riders of Justice


My Father, The Spy

My Father, The Spy

What films have you watched recently/ are excited to watch at the cinema soon?

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