Six Wicked Reasons by Jo Spain #review

Six Wicked Reasons book cover

Title: Six Wicked Reasons
Author: Jo Spain
Publisher: Qeurcus Books


It’s June 2008 and twenty-one-year-old Adam Lattimer vanishes, presumed dead. The strain of his disappearance breaks his already fragile family.

Ten years later, with his mother deceased and siblings scattered across the globe, Adam turns up unannounced at the family home. His siblings return reluctantly to Spanish Cove, but Adam’s reappearance poses more questions than answers. The past is a tangled web of deceit.

And, as tension builds, it’s apparent somebody has planned murderous revenge for the events of ten years ago.

[My Review]

Six Wicked Reasons is an expertly crafted novel, focusing on the dysfunctional and very wealthy Lattimer family, and the events that took place many years ago, when one of the siblings – Adam – disappeared mysteriously. Today, he’s turned up again out of the blue, and someone else seems to have been taken revenge on for what happened back then…

Jo Spain does a fantastic job of creating convincing, interesting characters and weaving together the various narratives for each of them. There’s a strong element of mystery, obviously, which kept me guessing, and the Spanish Cove – an area of Ireland I wasn’t aware of before – takes on an almost secretive quality itself. What really happened there?

The story is complex at times but easy to follow, despite it jumping around from the past to present. I love the way we slowly find out more and more about why Adam disappeared all those years ago, whilst simultaneously trying to work out what tragedy has happened at the party which has just taken place in the present day narrative.

It’s a very compelling, intriguing story and I loved reading every page. Six Wicked Reasons is a great release from an author I’d now like to read much more from!

[Rating: 4/5]

Many thanks to the publisher, Quercus Books, for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.



    • It’s great isn’t it! That feeling that ‘oh I have lots more great reads from this author to enjoy now!’

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