2020 favourite reads (so far)

So I’ve been reading waaay less than usual this year (so far) as I’ve been finding myself much busier with work and other stuff, and a lot less time is getting dedicated to reading unfortunately.

However, as of today I have read 12 books so far this year and I have to say, it’s been a well curated selection as I’ve really enjoyed every one of them! So I thought I’d pick some books that I’ve really enjoyed so far this year, to share with you.

Here’s my top picks:

Such a Fun Age – Kiley Reid
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Three Hours – Rosamund Lupton
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Nine Elms – Robert Bryndza
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All The Rage – Cara Hunter
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Invisible Women – Caroline Criado-Pérez
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The Dilemma – B.A. Paris
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If I Never Met You – Mhairi McFarlane
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Dear Edward – Ann Napolitano
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What books have you read and enjoyed so far this year?



  1. Great list! I have read and loved Nine Elms of these and I’m hoping to get to at least Three Hours, The Dilemma and Dear Edward soon… Cara Hunter’s series is on my to-do list too, but I still need to read the other books first.

  2. My favourite read so far this year is Sofia Segovia’s The Murmur of Bees. I chose it for my reading group and couldn’t believe how pertinent it was to the current pandemic, as it describes Mexico in the grip of the Spanish flu. Don’t let that put you off reading it though!

  3. I”ll join you in thinking Three Hours was a really good book. Dear Edward however I thought was disappointing – so wish she hadn’t done all those vignettes about the plane passengers.

    • I get what you mean about the vignettes, I quite liked them but I know a few other people who feel the same! Do you have any other standout reads from the year so far? Thanks!

      • Good question Laura, I really enjoyed Little by Edward Carey, a re-imagining of Madame Tussaud’s life. But my absolute knockout read was Dear Life by Rachel Clarke, a doctor who works in palliative care.

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