Tell Me Your Secret by Dorothy Koomson #review

Tell Me Your Secret
Title: Tell Me Your Secret
Author: Dorothy Koomson
Publisher: Headline


Pieta has a secret.
Ten years ago, Pieta was kidnapped by a man calling himself The Blindfolder who said he wouldn’t kill her if she kept her eyes closed for 48 hours. She never told anyone what happened to her, vowing to move on with her life. But when The Blindfolder starts hunting down his past victims, Pieta realises she may finally be forced to tell her deepest secret to stay alive…

Jody has a secret.
Fifteen years ago, policewoman Jody made a terrible mistake that resulted in a serial killer known as The Blindfolder escaping justice. When Jody discovers journalist Pieta survived an attack by him, she realises she may finally have found a way to catch him. But that would mean endangering at least two innocent people…

They kept quiet to protect themselves.

Will telling all save or sacrifice each other?


I am a huge fan of Dorothy Koomson’s books and her newest release, Tell Me Your Secret, has such a great premise that I couldn’t wait to get started on it. The plot is intricate and really engaging, but I did feel like some of it was a bit too far fetched, and I don’t usually feel this way with her books – usually I don’t feel like you have to suspend your disbelief too much, but some of the characters’ actions in this one felt a bit too far from reality, as did the conclusion to the ‘whodunnit’.

Saying all this, I definitely still enjoyed this read. It’s really intriguing and, although it’s pretty long at 480 pages, I raced through it. The multiple narratives – mainly told from Pieta and DCI Foster – work well together and allows the reader to slowly unravel more and more about the serial killer who seems to be kidnapping young women, holding and torturing them for 24 hours, and then either releasing or killing them. It is odd that the detective is called Jody Foster (but spelled -dy, not -die) and that this is mentioned quite a few times… why? Still, she’s a likeable and interesting character, as is Pieta. They both make decisions I don’t agree with, or at times that I feel are a bit stupid, but the story moves along at a good pace.

This book will definitely entertain you, I just don’t think it lives up to the high standard of Dorothy Koomson’s other novels. It’s an original and interesting premise, but perhaps some of the plot is just a little too far-fetched for me… It is still well worth a read, though!

[RATING: 3.5/5]

Many thanks to Headline for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.


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