Original Flava: Caribbean Recipes from Home by Craig McAnuff and Shaun McAnuff #review

Original Flava

Title: Original Flava – Caribbean recipes from home
Authors: Craig and Shaun McAnuff
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Craig and Shaun McAnuff are bringing Da’Flava from the Caribbean to your kitchen!

We’re Craig and Shaun, two brothers from South London, but with Jamaica in our hearts and souls. Our Mum and Nanny taught us to cook, and Original Flava is all about meals that are vibrant, lively, exciting, and full of the influences from different cultures that make the Caribbean island of Jamaica so wonderful. That’s why we’ve travelled to Jamaica to bring you its authentic and fresh FLAVAs!

Our motto is EAT: we make our recipes Easy, Accessible and Tasty. We want to give you platefuls that taste like grandma’s food so there are recipes for classics like Ackee ‘n’ Saltfish and Curry goat, and Caribbean favourites from home such as Garlic butter lobster and Trini doubles. We also like to twist it up a likkle to give dishes our modern spin, so you can find recipes for Honey roasted jerk-spiced salmon, Plantain beanburgers and Banana fritter cheesecake.

The most important thing, we think, is the togetherness food brings­ – the same happiness we have with our family. We want to share this joy: a testament to the culture of Jamaica, the fun, fantastic FLAVAs, and the stories behind the food, straight from the people of Jamaica. So, get your ingredients, turn on a likkle music, and let’s get cooking!


This cookbook is going to be a real hit with fans of Jamaican food – or anyone who loves big bold flavours! Though I am pescetarian, even the meat-based recipes looked amazing and there are plenty of different types of meals included – pescetarians and veggies are covered well!

I will definitely be trying out the honey roasted jerk salmon and I’ve made the chickpea and plantain curry which was delicious and surprisingly simple to make – the recipe didn’t call for loads of random ingredients so it was just right for an evening meal during the week!

The book also has some insights into brothers Shaun and Craig’s lives and families, highlighting the recipes that are from certain family members, which is a nice touch!

The book has real character and is packed full of tasty and, very importantly, not too complicated recipes which really pack a punch, flavour-wise. It’s colourful and fun, and would make a great gift for those who love to cook – and eat!

[Rating: 4/5]

Many thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.

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