Bish Bash Bosh by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby [review]

Bish Bash Bosh
Title: Bish Bash Bosh
Author: Henry Firth, Ian Theasby
Publisher: HQ


Over 140 new, unmissable recipes from the creators of a plant-based revolution.

Do you want a quick weeknight supper that gets more veg into your diet? A show-stopping vegan Christmas dinner? A fun, fresh meal plan to set you up with plant-based packed lunches? Whatever you’re after, BISH BASH BOSH! has the perfect recipe.

Henry and Ian have created a food revolution through the world’s biggest plant-based platform. Their first cookbook was the highest-selling vegan cookbook ever, and with over 2 million followers across all their fast-growing channels, BOSH! are on a mission to show the world just how versatile cooking with veg can be.

In BISH BASH BOSH! you’ll discover a whole world of quick eats, weeknight suppers, showstopping feasts, and incredible sweet treats – all using the power of plants. From a hearty, classic lasagne to an indulgent mini banoffee meringue, and from quick quesadillas to an incredible curry house jalfrezi, these are simple, savvy recipes that you’ll turn to time and again.

Whether you are a committed vegan, trying plant-based food for the first time, or simply just want to try a meal a week without meat, this book has all the know-how and inspiration you need.


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Bish Bash Bosh is the ideal book for anyone plant-based, either full time, part-time or sometimes, who wants to be a little more adventurous with their cooking. The book includes a range of recipe types, from simple quick meals that take next to no time to create, through to the more in-depth recipes that take longer to prep and make, but definitely look worth the effort!

I really liked that this book included a range of meat-free options, from recipes that featured the wonderful mushroom as its basis, to those with tofu (when done properly, tofu is one of my favourite vegetarian alternatives to include) and even some seitan recipes. It’s great to have a solid, easy to follow recipe to create seitan, the ideal meat replacement (it’s got LOADS of protein in).

Some of the recipes are definitely ones for evenings when you have a lot of time free, and feel in the mood for a longer cooking time, but I for one always feel disappointed if a recipe book is just made up of lots of ‘ready made’ elements that are combined; Bish Bash Bosh doesn’t rely on that; instead Henry and Ian show the reader how to create the individual elements required, such as curry pastes and sauces, which then act as a basis for each brilliant recipe.

There are plenty of recipes that are packed full of vegetables, which is handy for those trying to be a little healthier, and there are also lots of side dishes and salads too (I’m one of those people who never think of salads as proper recipes, but once I make them I’m reminded why they can be so tasty, especially when using unusual flavour combinations). I wasn’t so bothered about the Christmas section, and felt like that could have been cut down, but you can’t please everyone!

[Rating: 4/5]


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