Redemption by @candicefoxbooks [review]


Title: Redemption
Author: Candice Fox
Series: Crimson Lake
Publisher: Random House UK


In a dark roadside hovel called the Barking Fog Inn, the bodies of two young bartenders lie on a beer-sodden floor. Only the night-time animals in the surrounding forest were close enough to hear their screams.
Crimson Lake’s resident private detectives are hired to take on the case. Disgraced former police detective Ted Conkaffey and convicted murderer Amanda Pharrell are uneasy allies working alongside DI Pip Sweeney on her first homicide investigation.
For Ted, a new case serves as a welcome distraction from his fight to clear his name over the abduction of a teenage girl.
For all three, the hunt for the truth will draw them into a violent dance with evil. Redemption is certainly on the cards – but it may well cost them their lives…

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[My Review]

Having really enjoyed the first in the series, Crimson Lake [read my revew here], and the confusing-but-intriguing ending, I knew I wanted to read the second novel, also starring Ted Conkaffey and Amanda Pharrell. Both of them are such quirky characters; I really like Amanda because she adds such a different element to the story – though she can be really annoying at times – and Ted’s unusual situation (as we find out all about in the previous novel) adds an extra element to the story. Although they are technically investigating another crime, I am so pleased that more is revealed about the awful incident involving young Claire Bingley, so there is definitely more than one ‘mystery’ at work here. I’d definitely recommend reading the first novel to get the most out of this one.

The storyline is again intriguing and multi-layered, with plenty of dark undercurrents and tension. Though there are slower parts where more character development takes place, there are also some lighter parts, mostly from Amanda and her quirky social skills. and the pace kept my attention from wandering. I also enjoyed (if that’s the right word?) finding out more about the original case that put Ted in prison.

I’d definitely recommend Redemption– it’s brilliantly written and packs a punch. Definitely a series to take notice of.

[Rating: 5/5]

Many thanks to Random House UK for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.


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