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Today I’m really pleased to be a part of the blog tour for Cheryl Denise Bannerman’s new novella, A Bloody Stiletto, Cold Lasagne and a Bestseller. Read on to find out more about the book and what I thought…

Title: A Bloody Stiletto, Cold Lasagne and a Bestseller
Author: Cheryl Denise Bannerman
Series: Anna Romano Mystery


In this second installment of The Anna Romano Mystery Series, Anna gets herself into a mess that lands her in hot water with the prime suspect and her new Bo, Detective John Solace. Their new romance was going great, when all in the sudden, a simple trip to the grocery store turned into wrestling match between two scorned women.
Peeking her interest for a juicy story, Anna’s snooping to find out more about the seemingly ‘innocent’ love triangle, catapulted her into the middle of a murder investigation. The murder weapon of choice? A red stiletto…conspicuously pointing the police in the direction of a female assailant.No one knows whether the adulterating husband killed his wife to avoid a costly divorce, or if his mistress killed her in a fit of jealousy and rage. While the detectives are convinced the husband is the ‘killer’, it seems Anna’s faith in his innocence may be in vain, as additional bodies, and mistresses, keep piling up.
Meanwhile, Anna’s publicist, Shirlene, tries to convince Anna to leave the detective work to the police, but, as usual, falls on deaf ears.
In the end, not even a pan of lasagna and a neighborly smile could save Anna!Find out in A Bloody Stiletto, Cold Lasagna, and a Bestseller if Detective Solace will be able to handle Anna’s crazy antics, or if he will make her vow to stay OUT of the realm of ‘Murder and Mayhem’ once and for all.

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[My Review]

A Bloody Stiletto, Cold Lasagne and a Bestseller is a fun, quick read (at under 200 pages) which is both entertaining and features a really likeable protagonist, author Anna Romano (who also features in Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping.With her maverick tendencies and out-of-control curiosity, is isn’t long after hearing about a fight between a wife and mistress at the supermarket before Anna wades in to try and work out who the ‘other’ woman is, despite the pleading from her detective-boyfriend John to stay out of it. This completely incessant need to find out the truth is what keeps Anna in the middle of everything, solving problem after problem despite her boyfriend being the one who *should* be doing all the snooping!

I haven’t read any other novels in this series but this didn’t have a negative effect on my enjoyment, and I can imagine fans of this series welcoming more action from entertaining Anna.

There are many American-isms in this novel (it is set in America, and by an American author so that’s no surprise!) so it makes a change from the various British crime novels I’ve read recently.

It’s a ridiculous story but it is also a lot of fun, and it’s an easy read when you fancy something light-hearted and entertaining. This is definitely a cosy, carb-filled mystery – perfect for a winter night!

Many thanks to damppebbles blog tours for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.

mayvenne 2[About the Author]

Writing under pen name, Cheryl Denise Bannerman, Ms. Powell is an author of two self-published books, and an owner of a 22-year-old Training and Development company, specializing in eLearning, called Learn2Engage.

In her personal life and relationships, Ms. Powell has learned how to turn tragedies into triumphs through her strong will, faith, tenacity and most importantly, her quirky sense of humor. She now turns that keen knowledge of relationships and people, along with her various degrees and experience in Training and Development, into fun, engaging online courses for ‘Corporate America’, and, of course, in her works of fiction.

Within each of her works of fiction, a topic of social concern is addressed. From addictions to domestic violence, and suicide to molestation.

Her writings inspire people to live, laugh, love, learn and grow. She believes that when the world laughs at you, laugh harder. In Ms. Powell’s real and fictional world, she has learned how to create her own ‘happy ending’…one day at a time.

Follow Cheryl on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or visit the Bannerman Books website or Cheryl’s Amazon Author page.

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