Gone Viking by Helen Russell [review]

Gone Viking - Helen Russell

Title: Gone Viking
Author: Helen Russell
Publisher: Ebury


Frazzled mum Alice Ray likes to think she’s on top everything – she has FOUR bags-for-life in the boot of her car for heaven’s sake. But after spectacularly embarrassing herself at work, she finally gives in to her sister’s pleas to take a much needed break.

But this is not the luxury spa holiday Alice hoped for – instead, she finds herself in Denmark, in the middle of nowhere, on a ‘How to be a Viking’ getaway.

Can the two sisters finally learn to get along or will learning to embrace their inner warrior just make them better at fighting?

Two sisters. One Scandi holiday they’ll never forget…

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[My Review]

Gone Viking is a humorous, fun story about discovering what’s really important, all told through the eyes of ‘frazzled’ mum Alice.

The characters are good fun (some more likable than others); I found main character Alice quite hard to warm to, especially at first – I suppose I don’t have a lot in common with her as a character. However, following her and the group’s adventures during their Viking ‘holiday’ is really amusing, and the story is uplifting and engaging. I really liked Inge, in particular – she is someone to aspire to in many ways!

Some parts of Gone Viking are ridiculous, but you kind of expect that, and there are some more emotional parts too, meaning this isn’t completely light and fluffy. You follow Alice as she really changes during her time away, and see her grow as she realises what’s really important, and learns to loosen up a bit!

An amusing, fun read in the ‘women’s fic’ category which doesn’t just focus on relationships!

[Rating: 3/5]

Many thanks to Ebury for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.



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