Anna by @MrsAmandaProwse [review]

Anna - Amanda Prowse

Title: Anna
Author: Amanda Prowse
Publisher: Head of Zeus


One Love, Two Stories.

Anna Cole grew up in care, and is determined to start a family of her own. Theo Montgomery had a loveless childhood, and wants only to find his soulmate.

Then, one day, Theo meets Anna, and Anna meets Theo. Two damaged souls from different worlds. Is their love for each other enough to let go of the pain of their pasts? Or will Anna and Theo break each others’ hearts?

There are two sides to every love story. This is Anna’s.

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Anna is a sweet, absorbing story about a young girl with such a sad start in life, and her battle to overcome her demons and fall in love – with Theo, the subject of the follow up to this story (this book is about Anna, book 2 is from Theo’s point of view).

There are plenty of sad points to this story as well as some more uplifting parts which you can’t help but smile at. The characters are convincing and, though some are definitely not likable, there are plenty of people you really do feel you can get behind (Anna’s cousin is just brilliant and so lovely, in stark contrast to his parents). Anna herself is just lovely; she hasn’t really got any ‘edges’ to her, she’s just very sweet and kind. She’s has had such a hard time and you can’t help but feel for her, making you actually care about what happens to her.

The plot covers so many parts of life in general and so many different ‘kinds’ of people, and I loved reading about them all – from the people she met whilst in a children’s home to Theo and his (slightly strange) family, as well as people from Anna’s own family who she never got to meet growing up. They’re all here!

The way Anna ends definitely left me wanting to read book 2, Theo, which will be released this month, and which will hopefully answer even more about Theo’s earlier life. He’s an equally interesting character and so I can see why Amanda Prowse has chosen to write a book from each of their perspectives – what a great idea!



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