The Fallen Agent [blog tour Q&A]

Today I am pleased to welcome Oliver Tidy to Snazzy Books with an author Q&A and some more information on his new book, The Fallen Agent (the first in the Jess Albion series)!

The Fallen Agent - Oliver Tidy

Title: The Fallen Agent
Author: Oliver Tidy


Jess Albion has recently started a new life on the other side of the world with a
new identity. She used to be MI5. Then a job went bad, someone died and she was
made an example of in the British courts. But MI5 look after their own. Or they
did until rumours of a planned Al Qaeda biological terror attack on London
started circulating. Now someone in the British security services is giving agents
up in return for information. No price, it seems, is too high to save London from
the ultimate threat.

When Jess’s fresh start is compromised she has a choice to make: run and hide
and spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder or go looking for the
threat and snuff it out. On her own, she’d run, but she has Nick on her side.
The Fallen Agent is a story of love and hate, of loyalty and betrayal, of revenge
and callous disregard for human life in the pursuit of satisfaction.

[About Oliver]

Crime writing author Oliver Tidy has had a life-long love affair with books. He
dreams of one day writing something that he could find in a beautifully-jacketed
hard-cover or paperback copy on a shelf in a book shop. He’d even be happy with
something taking up space in the remainder bin, on a pavement, in the rain,
outside The Works.

He found the time and opportunity to finally indulge his writing ambition after
moving abroad to teach English as a foreign language to young learners eight
years ago.

Impatient for success and an income that would enable him to stay at home all
day in his pyjamas he discovered self-publishing. He gave it go. By and large
readers have been kind to him. Very kind. Kind enough that two years ago he was
able to give up the day job and write full-time. Mostly in his pyjamas.
Oliver Tidy has fourteen books in three series, a couple of stand-alone novels and
a couple of short story collections. All available through Amazon (clickable link to
Am Author Page). Among his books are The Romney and Marsh Files (British
police procedurals set in Dover) and the Booker & Cash novels, a series of private
detective tales set in the south of England and published by Bloodhound Books.
Oliver is back living on Romney Marsh in the UK. His home. He still wakes in the
night from time to time shouting about seeing his books on a shelf in

For more on Oliver Tidy and his books, check out his website:
Or follow him on:
Twitter: @olivertidy
FB Author Page: 467297426793288/

Oliver Tidy

[Author Q&A with Oliver]

Why did you write a book?
I’ve been a reader and a book lover and then a book collector for as long as I can remember. I think that when you’re like that it’s only a matter of time before you want to have a bash yourself.

Do you write every day?
When I’m involved in a writing project, yes. It was much easier to do that when I was living abroad. Having recently moved back to the UK I’m yet to find my writing groove and settle into it.

Do you work to a plot or do you prefer to see where the idea takes you?
I once told a friend that when I write I think through my fingertips. He said, ‘Oh, you mean you make it up as you go along?’ He was right.

How long does it take you to write a book?
It varies. It depends on the time I can devote to it. The Fallen Agent took me exactly one calendar month start to finish. That was good going for me.

What’s the worst thing about writing a book?
Nothing. I enjoy all aspects of writing a book.

What’s the best thing about writing a book?
Writing scenes that stir up my emotions.

Why did you choose your particular genre?
I rather think my genre chose me. That said, I’m experimenting with other genres. I want to write in others.

If you had to write in a different genre, which would you choose?
I’ve recently finished something dystopian. That will be my next book out. I enjoyed it and I intend to write more.

Which book character do you wish you had written?
Harry Potter. The impact of the series, the character development and the use of Greek mythology within a modern day tale… just think about it.

What do you think are the best and the worst things about social media?
Social media is time consuming but it is a brilliant tool for connecting book lovers, whether they are readers or writers.

And just for fun…

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
If I told you that you could have me arrested.

If I joined you on your perfect day, what would we be doing?
Spoiling it. My perfect day would be spent on my own. No offence, I’m sure you’re lots of fun ☺

What’s your signature dish?
Deep fried toad. It’s a Romney Marsh delicacy.

If you could be anyone for the day, who would you be?
So many options … J.K. Rowling, that would be very interesting. Or to be a part of an episode of Spooks – yes, with Keeley Hawes of course!

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