Perfect Prey [audiobook review]

Perfect Prey - Helen Fields

Title: Perfect Prey
Author: Helen Fields
Publisher: Avon

[My Review]

As I haven’t read the first in the series, I was approaching this (which I listened to on audiobook) from the point of view of someone new to the series.
The D.I. Callanach series seems like a solid, interesting and – at times – very dark crime/ thriller series. It’s grim in places, which I have to say I really enjoyed; on the whole I do like my crime novels gritty and hard-hitting – and this certainly fits the bill!
The main character, Luc Callahan, is a rather attractive (as we are told at various points in the novel) French Detective who is certainly switched on, and the case he’s faced with is both gruesome and puzzling. More bodies appear and other people are under threat, and I really liked some of the red herrings. His relationship with colleagues and those around him is interesting to read about and enhanced him as a three dimensional character who I wanted to read more about.
The narrator did a great job on reading this novel; Luc’s French accent got a bit annoying after a while, to be honest, but the story was presented in an interesting way which kept me listening, as I can often struggle to stay focussed on audiobooks.
I would definitely read others in the series, and having seen excellent reviews of the first in the series, Perfect Remains, I feel like I should go back and give that a go too!



  1. Hmmm…interesting! I love a good audio book. For me the narrator is almost as important as the story itself. Sounds like this one was good, but not great.

  2. I really like this series but I did wonder about Luc’s accent when I saw this was an audiobook. I think I’ll stick to reading them,

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