Our Bright Dark Summer [spotlight]

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Today I’m so pleased to have Richard Daniels on the blog to talk about his new book, Our Bright Dark Summer, and the inspiration behind it!

Title: Our Bright Dark Summer
Author: Richard Daniels
Publisher: Wild Boar Books


Nails always said that Summer Land was cursed from the very beginning. Maybe he was right. A dead theme park, slowly rotting away is the perfect place to hide ghosts and traumas and kidnap victims.
Jimmy Benson knows the past is always your shadow and the older you get the darker the shadows become. That’s why he will return to Summer Land. It might be the only chance he has for redemption – if he can keep the kidnapped girl safe. Safe from Nails, safe from ghosts, safe from the past.
Fun and thrills by the sand. It’s waiting for you at Summer Land.
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“My Inspiration”

Richard Daniels
My name is Richard Daniels and my latest novel, Our Bright Dark Summer, is published by Wild Boar Books.
My inspiration for writing comes from anything that kicks against the tedium of everyday life – I like books that suggest weird and strange possibilities. A book I’ve read just recently which is a good example of this is Giallo Fantastique, edited by Ross E. Lockhart. It’s an anthology of strange stories that are a blend of crime, horror and science-fiction and take inspiration from the films of Mario Bava and American pulp noir.
Other recent favourites are Shit Luck by Tiffany Scandal and Every Fox is a Rabid Fox by Harry Gallon.
Our Bright Dark Summer is a tale about a kidnapping that goes wrong and ghosts of the past emerging into the present. In parts it flashes back to the 90s and is set in a crumbling theme park at the British seaside. It’s had some really positive reviews on Amazon and I love the cover – it was designed by a very talented guy called Tom Wickstead.


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Want to know more…?

You can find more information about me at www.richardthewriter.com. I also help to run a spoken word night for fiction and poetry which is put out as a podcast. It’s called Out the Snout. It’s always chaotic and fun and well worth a listen. You can find it on iTunes and here: Out the Snout

See other books by Richard Daniels on Goodreads here.

Our Bright Dark Summer is out now!



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