You Don't Know Me [review]

You Don't Know Me - Imran Mahmood

Title: You Don’t Know Me
Author: Imran Mahmood
Publisher: Michael Joseph UK

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You Don’t Know Me is a novel with a really interesting-sounding storyline but one which I unfortunately just didn’t get on with. The way the story told is unique – the defendant seems to have decided to represent himself and is giving his own closing speech at his trail. We hear the story of what led up to the shooting and murder that he’s on trial for as he tells the jury, often stopping to interact with them or comment on their reactions. I liked that this was a different method of storytelling and it meant that I was really interested at the beginning of the novel.
The story felt a little too long, and though there was plenty happening I felt that the narrative just dragged a little unfortunately. I suppose I expect there to be more of a ‘reveal’ as to what happened and why, but it felt like the narrative had a lot of detail that didn’t really tell me much or explain that much even about the defendant himself. I lost interest in the story around half way through and unfortunately didn’t find myself particularly intrigued, even in the last few pages with what is bound to be a rather controversial ending! The language is very informal, which in itself I have no problem with – however I did find it hard to stay focussed sometimes.
This is definitely something a little different but it just didn’t work for me and it failed to keep my interest. However I’ve seen lots of great reviews from others so it will like be a big success for some, just not for me.

[Rating: 2.5/5]

Many thanks to the publisher, Michael Joseph, for providing a copy of this novel on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review.

You Don’t Know Me is out in the UK on 27 June.



  1. Great review. I’m half way through this right now and I’ve just picked up another book because I’m so bored with this one. I isn’t interesting to me at all, I went into it expecting it to be something completely different. Bleh!

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