The Girl With A Clock For A Heart [review]

The Girl With A Clock For A Heart - Peter Swanson


George Foss never thought he’d see her again, but on a late-August night in Boston, there she is, in his local bar, Jack’s Tavern.
When George first met her, she was an eighteen-year-old college freshman from Sweetgum, Florida. She and George became inseparable in their first fall semester, so George was devastated when he got the news that she had committed suicide over Christmas break. But, as he stood in the living room of the girl’s grieving parents, he realized the girl in the photo on their mantelpiece – the one who had committed suicide – was not his girlfriend. Later, he discovered the true identity of the girl he had loved – and of the things she may have done to escape her past.
Now, twenty years later, she’s back, and she’s telling George that he’s the only one who can help her…

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart

[My Review]

I read The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson last year and really enjoyed it, so jumped at the chance to review his first novel, The Girl With A Clock For A Heart.
It’s got the same twist and turns of TKWK and, because of this, I really don’t want to give anything away. I’ll just say that the story is really fast paced and I got into it relatively quickly. However the characters didn’t draw me in at first, it took a while but they did grow on me – though I disliked one of the main characters (but won’t say who!)
Some parts do require you to suspend your disbelief in the character’s actions – but that’s true of many novels in this (and other) genres, and I personally don’t mind doing so! I will say that the chapter endings really encourage you to keep reading, so I sped through this quickly. It’s easy to read and, not only that, but it’s fun to read too!
I really enjoyed the novel throughout, but felt the ending let it down a bit – I’m not sure exactly why, I think it just felt a bit of an anti-climax. However I still really enjoyed it and look forward to his new novel, which appears to be named Her Every Fear, coming 2017 – hopefully it will be along a similarly twisty lines!
The story isn’t anything hugely different but it’s certainly entertaining, and I’d really recommend this as a fun, intriguing read for the summer (or any time!)

[Rating: 3/5]

Many thanks to Faber & Faber for providing a copy of this novel in return for an honest review


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