Beautiful Losers [review]

Beautiful Losers - Eve Seymour

Kim Slade has many admirers, but only one wants her dead.
Kim Slade is a clinical psychologist specializing in young women with eating disorders. She also has someone who specializes in her: an anonymous stalker.
When Kyle Stannard, a former male model with a facial disfigurement steps suddenly into her life, Kim assumes he’s her stalker. Partially scarred after a childhood accident, Kim believes this the reason for Stannard’s obsession and reports him to the police. But smart-mouthed Stannard denies the accusation and has a plausible explanation for every twisted move he makes.
Can Kim nail him?
Or is the person who wants to destroy her closer to home…

Beautiful Losers (Kim Slade, #1)
[My Review]
Beautiful Losers is the first novel in the new Kim Slade series and it’s not bad, but really nothing special.
It’s a busy book with a lot happening- apart from the main storyline in which Kim is being stalked, there’s infidelity, relationship problems, psychology, missing person cases and more. Though there’s a few twists and turns, the story just didn’t hugely grab me.
I didn’t feel that the characters were very engaging, though Kim herself was quite likable and interesting, and seemed intelligent and fast-thinking. There were parts where I think the storyline moved along a little too slowly to be what I’d deem a thriller, and though I often really enjoy a slow burner of a novel, Beautiful Losers didn’t really keep me wanting to read on. The stalking situation did add some much needed tension to the novel, however.
On the whole I feel like this is an OK debut for this series, but nothing too exciting, and sadly it really doesn’t compare to some of the other brilliant novels from this genre I’ve read.
[Rating: 2/5]
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing a copy of this novel in return for an honest review


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