All Is Fair In Love And War [review]

All is Fair in Love and War by Michael GoodisonSynopsis:

Set in a war-torn Australia, where killer mercenaries and violent gangs rule the streets, a lone journalist embarks on an adventure to try to piece together a broken world. Fortune favours the lucky…

All Is Fair in Love and War

My Review:

All Is Fair In Love And War by Michael Goodison is a fast paced, entertaining novel set in dystopian Australia where the planet has, 3 years ago, been invaded by strange alien-like creatures. I won’t give too much away as I don’t want to ruin any twists, but journalist O’Donnell is determined to find out what exactly what happened and visits various ‘witnesses’ to try and piece it all together.
I was really intrigued as the story went on. There is a lot of action throughout and sometimes with all-action books I tend to lose interest a little bit, but this kept me reading on as I was drew in by liked the element of mystery that runs throughout the novel. I was also interested to see what conclusion O’Donnell would draw from past events- if he lives that long! I enjoyed the ending Goodison created and felt it rounded off the story well.
The characters are all well developed and though some of them were a little irritating at times, they were all pretty realistic and convincing. I quite liked that main character O’Donnell wasn’t portrayed as perfect- some of his decisions probably wouldn’t be seen as particularly heroic but he’s just a human after all!
One element of the book I enjoyed most was reading about the novel’s version of the world post-invasion. The detail about how society and governments from all over the world had reacted was really interesting and adds an element of reality to an otherwise ‘far-removed-from-reality’ tale!
I really enjoyed this novel and hope it will gain more recognition as a great enjoyable read- give it a go!
Rating: 4/5
All Is Fair In Love And War is available to buy now on Amazon

About the Author
Author Michael Goodison and bookBorn and raised in Australia, Michael Goodison is an intrepid traveller and a prolific writer, with an insatiable appetite for adventure.
Citing his family, Michael puts a high value on “old-fashioned” mannerisms and says that discipline and patience are his driving force.
Michael has fought as a Thai Boxer and climbed several peaks in the Himalayas, including Mt. Cho Oyu – the 6th highest mountain in the world.
Having discovered a love for writing at a young age, Michael has previously published four books under a pen name before placing his own name on the cover of All Is Fair In Love And War, in 2014. His love affair with history and all things philosophical is evident in his passionate pursuit of great stories and he believes that the opportunity to listen to a great story far outweighs the opportunity to tell one.
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