Marrakesh and what I read…

I recently got back from an AMAZING week in Marrakech with Tom. Although I didn’t have much time to read whilst I was out there, I did get some time to enjoy a few books. 

I really wish I had taken a better camera out there as there was so many amazing things to see and do! In the end I just took pictures using my phone which unfortunately didn’t really do the surroundings justice!

Here’s some holiday snaps anyway showing some of what we did, and also what I read whilst I was out there! 


balcony cafe in Marrakech
Tea on the rooftop cafe in the souks

part of the Medina at night
The Medina at night
Olive Stall!
So many types of olive for sale!


One of the many city-centre parks with a sense of tranquility!
Palais de la Bahia
Palais de la Bahia


Community underground bakery in the Souks
Community underground bakery in the Souks

Underground oven for cooking lamb
Underground oven for cooking lamb- up to 40 sheep can be cooked in this hole all year round!


Jemaa el-Fna square
Jemaa el-Fna square: the view from a rooftop cafe!
camel ride in Marrakech
Very excited to be on a camel!

Quad ride in Marrakech
We also enjoyed some quad biking!
Morroccan tea with mint
We fell in love with their famous tea with mint!

Jemaa el-fna square at night
Jemaa el-fna square at night

What I read/ finished reading in Marrakech:

Elly Griffiths- The Ghost Fields 

This was a fairly easy read which wasn’t too taxing and which I enjoyed by the pool! Not your typical holiday read perhaps but hey, I really enjoyed it! (review here)

Lynda LaPlante- Wrongful Death

This was a book club title which I needed to finish in time for book club when I got back, and I had mixed feelings on it overall… A review will follow shortly on here, so keep an eye out for it!

Have you ever visited Marrakech or Morocco? What did you think?

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