Little Lies by Liane Moriarty- BRILLIANT!

Little Lies is one of the best novels I’ve read in ages- I was hooked throughout and couldn’t put it down! I’ve read The Husband’s Secret and What Alice Forgot and though I thought they were both very, very good (particularly The Husband’s Secret– I should re-read and review it some time…) I think Little Lies beats them both!
Set in Australia (like the other two of her novels I mentioned previously), we learn at the beginning of the book about a raucous parent quiz night at a local primary school which actually leads to a parent dying- but we don’t know which one. The story is told from different perspectives and reveals what happened in the months leading up to the night.
The characters are all very different kinds of people (apart from most of them being parents) but each are very believable, interesting characters – if not all very likeable! My favourite characters are Madeline, as she’s so fiery, excitable and completely loyal to her friends, and Jane as she’s been through a lot and deserves a much happier life but is still such a nice, caring person.
The story has some dark undertones to it but at no point is it overly bleak, and that’s another reason I loved this book. It was believable but didn’t use shock tactics when there was no need and didn’t overplay the upsetting parts when it could have. There is a (very small) element of romance in the storyline, but not in a cringey way, and the parents’ bitchiness and gossiping is incredibly amusing- I’ve no idea if this is what parents of school children are really like but it is very entertaining to read about all the same! There was an interesting blend of tragedy and comedy throughout, andthe story keep you guessing until right at the very end as to what really happened that night, with some clever twists that I didn’t see coming. Moriarty effectively builds the tension and adds a strong sense of mystery which kept me completely immersed in the book!
This book is great at making you think about the way that appearances can be deceiving- you never know what someone’s home life is really like unless you’re always there with them.
Little Lies is a clever, intriguing novel packed with scandal and secrets that would make a fantastic summer read- but which has a lot more substance than the usual ‘beach’ chick-lit!
Let me know what you think of this or any of Liane Moriarty’s novels- she’s fast becoming one of my favourite authors!
Rating: 5/5
** I received Little Lies in a GoodReads giveaway (I was SO thrilled I won an advance copy!) but the novel is out to buy in the UK on 31st July! **
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